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Our Programs

Ad A Flag “Event” Program For Tournaments

The Tournament Program is a great way to earn your facility extra revenue and make charity events easier for your staff. All you have to do is send your clients to us. It’s that easy…

“Event Kit” includes:

  • 18 custom sponsor flags
  • (Also available in 9 hole)

Ad A Flag “On Course Advertising” Program For Golf Courses

The On Course Advertising Program is great way to help fund special programs by creating revenue for your facility. Local business advertisements will be seen and touched on your greens by every golfer! That is an average of 1400 individual opportunities every week! 

Purchase one “On Course Advertising Kit” and receive revenue for each advertising package sold!

  • 18 Custom Flags (6 Red, 6 White, 6 Blue)
  • 18 Flag Holders with Laser Assist Prism
  • 18 Flag Assist Receiver Cups w/ Custom Tabs & Wrench
  • (Also available in 9 hole)

Ad A Flag “On Course Message” Program For Golf Courses

What can this program do for your club?
Generate income to your profit centers by promoting anything you wish to be seen.
Alleviate pressure on staff by communicating club events to your membership.

  • 18 Custom Flags
  • 18 Flag Holders with Laser Assist Prism
  • 18 Flag Assist Receiver Cups 
  • Wrench
    (Also available in 9 hole)

Don’t see an Ad A Flag Program that suits your needs?
Contact us today and we will design a program that works for you!



Flags are fully customizable.  Great for outside advertising, tournament sponsorship advertising or communicating with your membership.

Receiver Cups

Patented and USGA approved. Designed to speed play, receiver cups also reduce damage around the cup.  These are fully customizable for any event.

Flag Attachment

The Ad A Flag attachment is patent pending and made to fit any flagstick.  With Laser Assist Prism to work with any laser rangefinder.

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